Microsoft Excel Add-In Financial Data and Research Tools

Edgeseeker is a Add-In for Microsoft Excel allows you to easily pull in financial data (balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, closing prices and more) from a variety of built in sources such as Google Finance, Yahoo Finance, Zacks, and MarketWatch. It also allows you to read virtually any delimited data file, parse data, and convert data types.

Microsoft Excel Add-In Financial Data and Research Tools

Edgeseeker Excel Add-In allows you to seamlessly integrate all of your data so you can concentrate on research, not data management. And because Edgeseeker is an Excel Add-in, you can integrate your own Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code for maximum flexibility and functionality. Edgeseeker can also create nice graphical representations and you can use it to run correlation analysis between two stocks or indices.

Analyze financial statements with Edgeseeker’s interactive Financial Statement Viewer. Compare fundamental financial data across multiple companies. Edgeseeker Add-in for Microsoft Excel only updates data when you request it, and only the data you need. Every data point you request is stored in a local database for lightning-fast repeat access.

If you use Excel to analyze financial data, let Edgeseeker Add-In for Microsoft Excel give your research an edge. Download Edgeseeker Add-In for Microsoft Excel.

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