iPad Office Apps Documents 2 Unlimited

If you don’t want to give all of your money to Apple by buying iWork suite but still need a way to edit Office documents, then your next best bet will be Documents 2 Unlimited. Documents 2 Unlimited – Office Editor & PDF Files Reader Apps Pro is one of the Top 5 Paid Business app for iPad.

ipad office apps

Documents 2 Unlimited support for all Microsoft Office document, spreadsheet and presentation formats, as well as PDFs. Documents2 Unlimited allows you to edit your Microsoft Office and OpenOffice documents on your iPad. You can create, view and edit Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint documents. In addition, you can also create, view and edit LibreOffice and Open Office Documents based on the Open Document Format with Documents Unlimited Office Apps suite.

Documents 2 Unlimited also supports the management of documents on the device itself as well as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and Google Docs and it also supports Wifi and USB transfer between your computer and iPad.

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