HR Excel Templates Download

Human resources (HR) are an essential part of any successful business. Make your work easy, here 7 best Excel Human resources templates for you to download free.

Human Resources Dashboard Template

HR dashboard excel template

View various human resources statistics with this HR dashboard excel template that automatically graphs your headcount, payroll, salary distribution and employee numbers.

Payroll Calculator Template

payroll calculator excel templates

This payroll calculator excel template uses code to automatically generate paystubs for all your employees. Simply input their particulars, click the generate button, and print the paystubs.

Employee Profile Template

employee profile excel template

Human resources can use this employee profile excel template to create employee profiles for every department. Each profile contains basic contact information and their details.

Employee Performance Evaluation Template

Employee Performance Evaluation Template

You can conduct reviews in an extremely efficient manner with this performance evaluation excel template.

Employee Leave Schedule Template

leave schedule excel templates

Use this leave schedule excel template to track the absence and time report of your employees. Can be customized, is color coded, and tracks monthly.

Travel Expense Report Template

travel expense report excel templates

Use this travel expense report excel template to keep track of your employee travel expenses. Includes a mileage log and a lot of style.

HR Dashboard Excel Template

HR dashboard excel templates

This HR dashboard excel template visualizes various employee and HR related measures in an interactive manner. It allows HR managers and senior management quickly view employee statuses including payroll, sick days, employee performances by year, location, department as well as by individual employee level.

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