Free Excel Data Analysis Add-In

To getting Excel to produce the right analysis is not an easy task, it often requires prominent and particular skills. To make your lift easy, here 2 best free Excel data analysis add-in and data analysis software for you to track data.

Daniel’s XL Toolbox – Data analysis and visualization for Excel

excel analysis add-in

Daniel’s XL Toolbox is a free Data Analysis Add-In for Microsoft Excel for helping researchers to analyze and present data.

Data analysis features:

  • The Improved ANOVA is a lot more flexible than the ANOVA function of the Analysis Toolpak, and it also offers posthoc testing.
  • The Pearson product-moment correlation gives you a very quick overview of the linearity of your data and also calculates statistical significance for you.
  • Use the Group Allocator to allocate (‘randomize’) subjects to treatment groups before you start the experiment.
  • Formula Builder helps analyzing your data.
  • Multi Histogram is a very flexible tool to generate histogram analyses.

Data visualization features:

  • Spread Scatter spreads out the data points in your chart, making it easier to visualize individual subjects.
  • Annotate charts easily by simply marking the data cells with color, or insert text comments.
  • Smart error bars: Add custom error bars to your Excel® graphs with one mouse click.
  • Move chart ranges left and right to quickly browse your data.
  • Save charts as PNG, GIF, or JPG files to your hard drive.
  • Copy chart properties from one chart to all other charts in the current workbook.
  • Add and edit watermarks on your charts to mark the date or authorship.
  • Point charts to the correct worksheet after copying and pasting them in Excel.

Download Daniel’s XL Toolbox Excel Add-In »

Easy-XL – Excel Data Analytics Made Simple

excel data analysis add-ins

Easy-XL makes complex Excel analysis possible for anyone who can use a mouse. Easy-XL adds over 50 time saving data analysis and manipulation features to Excel. It enables casual Excel users to summarize, pivot, join, merge, match, query, categorize, combine, split, slice and dice data like a pro.

Easy-XL’s Features:

  • Workbook Navigator
  • Worksheet Navigator
  • Selection Navigator
  • Workbook History
  • Global Find/Replace
  • Summarize / Pivot
  • Merge Sheets
  • Compare Sheets
  • Query Sheet
  • and more

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