Excel Add-Ins for Google Analytics

Excel is a wonderful tool and it can really help your analytic efforts. With Excel add-in for Google Analytics, you can quickly and easily transfer data from your Google analytics to an excel spreadsheet that subsequently allows for more dynamic metrics, more thorough filtering, and improved query storage.

Here 3 best Excel Add-Ins for Google Analytics.

Embed Google Analytics data into Excel

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Excellent Analytics is an Excel add-on that allows you to define data queries and embed them into Microsoft Excel. It’s an open source project and 100% free to download and use for individuals and businesses. Automate more of your reporting process, and spend time on analysis instead. Simply go to the Excellent Analytics menu in Excel and use the wizard interface to add a report query to your spreadsheet.

Benefits of reporting and analyzing Google Analytics data in Microsoft Excel:

  • Get one less tool to keep track of
  • Use a familiar interface
  • Combine data from multiple data sources
  • Use Excel formulas, charts, and pivot tables
  • Define and calculate customized KPIs
  • Build dashboards just the way you like them
  • Share workbooks with other Excel users

ShufflePoint for Excel

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ShufflePoint for Excel allows you to import data using Excel’s native “Web Query” feature. Web queries associate a web based data feed with an Excel cell range, which can be bound to charts and formatted tables.

ShufflePoint for Excel features:

  • Named timeframes and timeframe comparisons
  • Page name mapping to present renamed pages consistently
  • Filtering that exposes the full API capabilities
  • Named and dynamic segments
  • Multiple profiles in one query for easy comparisons
  • Common web analytics calculations
  • Many more…

NEXT Analytics for Excel

google analytics for excel add-ins

NEXT Analytics for Excel is the ultimate power tool for web and social media analysts that queries and analyzes data from Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. It has built-in business intelligence functions that let you enhance metrics without complicated Excel workbooks.

You can enhance the dashboard using standard Excel formatting choices. With any report or dashboard you create, the period-end data refresh is often time consuming, complicated, and adds substantial manual overhead to being a web analyst. With NEXT, the automated data refresh saves you from wasting hours doing tedious Excel work while your clients are waiting for their reports.

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