Create Project Timelines with Office Timeline PowerPoint Add-in

Office Timeline is a free PowerPoint add-in to help you create project timelines. Office Timeline allow you to quickly and easily create compelling timelines which visually represent your information in a way that is easy to understand and digest.

Create Project Timelines with Office Timeline PowerPoint Add-in

After installed Office Timeline, the Office Timeline tool adds a tab to the PowerPoint Ribbon. To create a timeline, switch to this tab and click New to launch the New Timeline Wizard. The wizard guides you through each step, letting you to create professional looking timelines in a matter of minutes instead of creating them manually by using PowerPoint native set of tools and shapes.

Office Timeline are native PowerPoint objects, so you can edit and manipulate timeline objects the same way you would edit any PowerPoint object including color, shape, 3D effects, and so on.

Office Timeline offers a number of unique features that no other timeline application on the market offers, such as:

  • Integrated ribbon for familiar user interface.
  • Easy to use wizard.
  • Ability to change timeline styles on the fly.
  • Built directly into PowerPoint
  • Uses native PowerPoint objects so you can share timelines as any other PowerPoint slide or image.

Download Office Timeline PowerPoint add-in to create project timelines and project schedules

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