4 Best Excel Project Management Templates Free Download

Looking for free Excel project management templates for your business? One of the most common challenges facing any project team is the inability to meet planned deadlines. It’s easy to get lost in imagining a flawless final result. But don’t forget the journey between the idea and the finish line, which can be full of scheduling conflicts, deadlines, client demands, and other roadblocks.

A solid Excel Project Plan Template will help you navigate your project and arrive at the results you dream about. The following Excel templates are intended to assist you in the Initiation, Planning, Implementation and Closure phases of your project.

Excel Spreadsheet For Project Management

excel spreadsheet project management

Excel Project Plan template that allows you to efficiently estimate time and costs, create the project schedule, monitor the schedule and budget and manage the resources and risks as well as document lessons learned. This Excel Project Plan template also includes the graphs to create PowerPoint dashboards for your project team as well as your project client.

Gantt Chart Template for Excel

excel gantt chart templates

A Gantt chart is a helpful tool for project planning and keeping track of the status of individual tasks within a project.

Easily create and print a Gantt Chart with this Excel spreadsheet by entering the start date, duration, and percent complete for any number of tasks and subtasks.

  • Add additional tasks by simply copying and pasting rows.
  • A slider bar allows you to easily adjust the range of dates displayed, so that you can create a project schedule spanning a year or more.

Excel Timeline Template

excel timeline template

A project timeline shows how events relate to each other in time. Although Excel timelines template don’t look as sophisticated as Gantt charts, they do a really good job at communicating the big picture. A well crafted project timeline can convey useful information relating to task progress and overall project progress.

Excel Earned Value Management (EVM) Template

excel earned value management evm template

Managing your project’s budget and measuring key project performance metrics is what Earned Value Management (or EVM) is all about. It helps you know whether you can truly say “On Time and Under Budget.” The basic idea is to compare your costs to your budget in a way that takes into account your project schedule. This is particularly important when you are not going to be spending money at a constant rate.

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